MHEC Signs Agreement with Oracle America, Inc.

MHEC conducted a competitive sourcing event for hardware and administrative systems and awarded a contract to Oracle America Inc. for discounts on Oracle's: programs, software update license and support, hardware, hardware and systems support, training, consulting services, cloud services, and managed cloud services. The MHEC’s agreement effective date is February 5, 2018, through February 5, 2021, with the option to renew for four additional one‐year renewals. The agreed upon discounts are available to all eligible MHEC member states. Eligible entities include public and not-for-profit colleges and universities. The contract is also available to these same entities of MHEC's sister compacts: the New England Board of Higher Education, the Southern Regional Education Board, and the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education. Additional contract details and eligibility can be found on the MHECtech website, or contact Nathan Sorensen, director of government contracts, at (612) 677-2767.