Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I buy off of MHEC contracts?

A. If you are a public or not-for-profit higher education institution in one of our member states, yes, you can use our contracts. Also, depending on the specific contract, other organizations may be able to use it. In some cases K-12, state government, or city, local, and political
Download the MHECtech Q & Asubdivisions may be eligible. Faculty, staff, and students can buy from the Dell contract. In specific instances other states may have access to a contract. Eligibility is clearly described on each of the vendor pages on

Q. What do I have to do to become a member of MHEC?

A. Nothing is needed if your state is already a member of MHEC. If your state is not a MHEC member, then you can check the relevant contract’s home page to see if your state is eligible through one of the other interstate compacts (Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education-WICHE or Southern Regional Education Board-SREB. Currently MHEC does not have an agreement with the New England Board of Higher Education-NEBHE).

Q. Is there a MHEC membership fee?

A. Yes, but your state pays it on your behalf. The current annual state commitment for each member state will remain at $115,000 through FY17. There are no membership fees for you to pay to use our contracts, but we do collect fees (most often indirectly) when institutions use our contracts. Directly-collected fees are indicated on the relevant contract page.

Q. Can I still use your contracts even though I’m required to use an RFP?

Because MHEC is an instrumentality of state government in each of our member states and state government funds us, our contracts must adhere to the purchasing policies of the member states. With very few exceptions our contracts are the result of an RFP. The exceptions are for products that are allowed to be single-sourced under state procurement laws due to their unique nature.

Q. Where can I find information about a specific contract?

A. Check the contract’s home page at for specific contract terms. In all cases price lists or discount schedules are also available.

Q. Can my company become one of your suppliers?

A. If we have an RFP out for bid, then you can respond. If you have an award under a national contract (such as WSCA), then we may be interested in signing a participating addendum. However, we do not maintain a suppliers list.

Q. What contracts are you working on?

A. As a rule we do not discuss the areas where we will RFP until the bid document becomes public, but we will occasionally ask institutions for their opinions in specific areas. Once an RFP has been issued, we will not discuss it with related vendors until the bid process is complete.

Q. Are you going to do a contract for (…) soon?

A. Our list of RFP topics is set once a year in the spring. In general, we can say the list will be comprised of areas where higher education institutions are having difficulty with vendors because of price, contract terms, or services. The list is not made public.

Q. Who decides what RFPs you issue?

A. The MHEC Technologies Committee decides.

Q. Who is on your Technologies Committee?

A. The current membership of our Technologies Committee can be found at or more detail can be found at

Q. How can I get involved?

A. There is often a waiting list for membership on the main committee, but other involvement on specific RFP committees is possible. Contact Nathan Sorensen, MHEC strategic IT procurement officer, at (612) 677-2767 for more information.

Q. I’ve noticed there is another MHEC out there. Are you affiliated?

A. There are several other organizations using the initials MHEC. We are not affiliated with any of them.

Q. I want to talk to someone. Who do I contact?

A. For general technology inquiries contact Nathan Sorensen, MHEC strategic IT procurement officer, at (612) 677-2767.
For contract legal questions contact Rob Trembath, MHEC vice president and general counsel, at (612) 677-2763