Eligibility to Purchase from MHEC Contracted Vendors

MHECtech purchasing power is available to a wide variety of entities within our member states, including:

» Higher Education (public and not-for-profit private)
» K-12 Districts and Schools
» Non-Profit Organizations (Education-Related only)
» Cities, Counties, Local Subdivisions
» State Governments
» Non-MHEC States

MHEC contracts provide significant savings in the technology area. We are careful to only enter into contracts where we can provide institutions in our member states with discounts they are unlikely to receive in any other arena. We monitor every contract on an annual basis to ensure that vendor offerings are kept current and that new features are added as the market demands. New contracts are constantly in development, so you can look forward to a steady stream of market leaders on these pages.

For more information about each vendor and the statutory authority to purchase from MHEC contracts view the contract page which has a list of links to the statute and fully executed contracts available to download.

Are you from outside the Midwest? The Midwestern Higher Education Compact has agreements in place with our sister compacts from the New England Board of Higher EducationSouthern Regional Education Board, and the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education to allow entities from those regions to purchase from MHEC contracts.